Financing Options for Equipment

Loan Wolf Financing Services has options for equipment financing and leasing for business growth. Whether you need software, hardware, bulldozers or other manufacturing equipment, we have a quick application process and excellent interest rates for established businesses. Even if you don’t have two years in business or don’t have the most stellar business credit, we can help you get the equipment that will push your business forward. Talk to our financial specialists about equipment leasing and financing.

Programs We Have

For established businesses, we have programs that provide business-related equipment with no to little down payment. We can tailor a payment structure to fit your needs. Applications can be approved in as little as 24 hours, but for large ticket items, it could take 3 to 5 days. We don’t require a financial statement for applications up to $150,000.

We also have a startup program for new businesses. Our B, C and D credit programs can help businesses that have gone through tough economic times. Even if your personal credit has been damaged, we may have a program that can help your business go to the next step.

Government and municipalities can take advantage of equipment leasing. We guarantee lease financing for many local, state and federal agencies, including:

  • Federal government agencies
  • Military
  • Libraries
  • Police or fire departments
  • Public schools

If you have equity in your existing equipment but need working capital, you may qualify for our Sale & Lease Back program. We purchase your equipment from you but lease it back to you. You make payments. At the end of the term, when all payments have been made the ownership transfers back to you.

Leasing Makes Sense

Equipment leasing can offer many benefits:

  • Fixed, monthly payments
  • Save working capital for other projects
  • Preserve credit lines
  • Eliminate equipment from being out-of-date

Whether you’re looking for equipment financing or leasing, contact the financial specialists with Loan Wolf Financing Services today.