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What to Know Before Investing in Commercial Real Estate

The commercial side of real estate is an appealing investment decision for investors. It allows you to get into a new pool of clients and grow your investment interests. The best part about the commercial side of real estate...

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How Business Lines of Credit Work

Business lines of credit don't have to be confusing if you think of them the way you think of cash credit lines in your personal financing portfolio. Like those consumer versions, they are reusable and available on-demand, so you...

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How to Create the Perfect Space for a Home-Based Accounting Business

Starting a home-based accounting business offers many benefits. You have more flexibility and can save money because you don't have to worry about renting a pricey office space. You also won’t have to worry about commuting, can scale up...

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Where Small Businesses Can Find and Attract Employees

If you own or run a small business, recruitment may be challenging. Larger companies have more openings than small ones, whether they’re growing, downsizing, or experiencing high turnover. It may seem like you’re the underdog when trying to attract...

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How Business Owners Use a Capital Account

Access to capital is crucial for the success of your business. Unfortunately, plenty of small business owners struggle with cash flow problems. When your expenses are tied up and your budget is tight, the idea of available capital may...

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4 States Thriving for Latino-owned Small Businesses

Recent years have seen a boom in Latino-owned businesses, but the key to success for new entrepreneurs is location. 60 percent of all Latino-owned businesses are in just four states, and part of the reason is those states providing...

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The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Commercial Real Estate

Financing Investing in real estate is a big move for your small business, but it’s an important one. It represents a move to acquiring assets and investing in your company’s long-term future. For most businesses, the first property investment...

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The Ultimate Guide for Managing Your Business Finances

Managing your business finances is the key to keeping your company operating smoothly. You can͛t keep the lights on and keep your people working if your money winds up tied up so you can͛t use it, after all. If...

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